Humanitarian- and conservation-focused organizations, particulaly those operating in smaller regional contexts, often lack the resources to secure critical data, or to operate safely in contested environments (such as when facilitating aid under state surveillance). These operational risks can lead to a hesitancy to collect important data.

Our security work focuses primarily on data security, application-level security and operational security. As a matter of policy, we tend not to disclose those of our partners for which we assist with security-related issues.

Security Essentials for Humanitarian Organizations

Security Essentials for Humanitarian Organizations

Download this one-page checklist of essential security considerations for humanitarian organizations, particularly those organizations entrusted with the data stewardship of vulnerable populations.

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White Paper

Anthroencryption: Strategies for Protecting the World's Most Vulnerable People

Protecting and sharing data about people remains a challenging and underappreciated area of risk for government agencies and humanitarian organizations. A better understanding of the tiered reality of identity protection is therefore critical to establishing appropriate strategies suitable to the needs of vulnerable people.

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