Forensic Accountant (On Call)

The Dark Data Project is seeking a specialist in forensic auditing, fraud investigation and investigative accounting to join our team and participate on an as needed basis in financial data analytics projects.
Part-Time Contract Remote


  • Analyze financial records to understand inflows and outflows of funds, particularly in scenarios where points of origin or destination are obfuscated
  • Understand how legal and regulatory constrains apply to specific companies in specific industries and/or specific countries
  • Source public records and whistleblower data dumps
  • Author reports containing clear and detailed explanations of financial activities


  • Professional accounting designation (e.g. CPA) or comparable education and skills. Certifications such as CFE or CFF are an asset.
  • Experience in the execution of performance audits or forensic investigations.
  • Proficiency with data extraction, data analytics and electronic discovery tools.