Data Analyst

The Dark Data Project is seeking data analysts to join our team and participate on an as needed basis, working with a variety of structured and unstructured datasets to understand underlying trends and patterns.
Part-Time Volunteer Remote


  • Transform, analyze, model and visualize a variety of datasets, both structured and unstructured.
  • Source public records and whistleblower data dumps
  • Author reports containing clear and detailed explanations of analyses and findings.


  • Experience working with data in a wide variety of formats
  • Background in statistics, economics or any other field relying heavily on an understanding of best practices in data estimation and extrapolation
  • Exposure to data analytics software
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Excel and/or Google Sheets

Nice To Haves

  • Data modeling and architecture using relational databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Proficiency in R or Python
  • Multilingual