Incubator Program

Our incubator program works with startups confronting challenging problem spaces, particularly those revolutionizing data acquisition, transformation, security, semantification or transparency.

It's important to understand that the Dark Data Project is a social impact incubator. This means that while other uncubators work with a wide variety of B2C and B2B startups, the Dark Data Project focuses on a much smaller subset of startups motivated by sustainable social impact. We also have a strong focus on building companies in developing or fragile nations where a lack of existing infrastructure and financial investment may be complicated by conflict or corruption.

The Dark Data Project's role in the incubation process is often labor-based (build, management, advisory oversight), although some investments also have a financial component. The Dark Data Project's equity position will be commensurate to any assistance offered, and is based on conservative industry-accepted valuation methodologies. Unlike other investors, our goal is to optimize our contribution and thus minimize our cohorts' obligations to benefactors.

In general, the Dark Data Project defers any MNDAs until an agreement has been reached in principle to work together. To discuss further, please contact us prior to applying to the incubator program.

The next evaluation deadline is August 1, 2024.

Apply to Our Incubator Program